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The surrounding area

Wezembeek-Oppem is a suburb east of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and in the heart of Europe. Wezembeek-Oppem is located about:
- 6 kms from Brussels-National Airport (Zaventem)
- 10 kms from Brussels,
- 20 kms from Leuven (Louvain),
- Near motorways E40 and E411 and Brussels Ring Road East (RO).

Things of interest nearby:

- The Forêt de Soignes, one of the most beautiful forests in Belgium:
- Tervuren Arboretum:
- The Royal Central African Museum:
- The Tram Museum:
Martine et Didier - In de Poort, 11 in 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem - - tel: +32 475 608 442 ou +32 2 736 63 19